Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Leaving On A Jet Plane ^^

MENDEKA!!! MENDEKA!!!!! Naik atas krusi ,,angkat tngn kiri 'rurus2' n laungkan kemerdekaan exam kita.. yeayyy!!

>Tajuk entry kali ini ditulis dengan semangatnya coz paper exam suda habis n merayakan KONVO 4 SEM 3 d UPSI.. hahahhaha.. walopun blum tau cemerlang ka tida,, ADA KU KESAH??? yg penting pendritaan ku telah berakhir! [untuk sem ini.. =.= jak la.. huhuh]

> di samping itu,, 2 ari lagi n sa BALIK!! mumy..... i misss uuuuuuuu.............ank mu yg comel ni mau balik suda.. ^^ rindu nya mo kacau mumy sa tdur..

>bersesuaian dgn tema entry kali ni,, lagu leaving on a jet plane ni oleh C LINDA AF ni tuk meriahkan my blink2 blog!.. sa suka btul dgr dia nyanyi ni lagu layanzzzzzzzzz~~~

Monday, November 29, 2010

It was Act Start Now..

Since i created this blog on january if im not mistaken,diz is the first time i go round it,search for templates(which is so damn hard)and looking up 4 ideas to write! hehe wat to do?? erin is so buzy with her MAJOR COURSE IN UPSI: FACEBOOK!

How shud i start?? well ,i shud write this to remind myself,, TOUCH THE PURPLERAIN was act describing myself.. purple is my i love n crazy bout the colour since im in form 4! obessed?? yes! y? dunno.. huhu.. i even got full of only purple dress in my closet =.=

>PURLERAIN describe myself,,a girl who used to cry since she or he was born. well,every1 cries when u have the chance to get released into the world right??if not.u'll b injected wth a medicine that will make u cry to confirmed that u're alive n normal.. (remind me of my friends imelda who is in her way to become a nurse.she accidently inject baby wth that 'cry made' medicine to a newborn baby ,ermm 'morfine' if im not mistaken,making the baby cries ol day long.. hehe poor baby.. ipar2~~ huhu)

what im trying to say that,, im a girl who can cry easily coz of every single thing. sad,mad,happy,excited oso cry. haiyooo.. wat to do.. maybe my mum used to eat chilli when she's pregnant or it is raining heavily everyday when she carry me in her endometrium wall ( wah,, future science teacher have to be like this. hehe)

>TOUCH?? im oso wondering.. But this word significant to decribe me and this blog again.. touch is 4 'touching' . again.. haha.. im a very touching girl but keep on learning to b more calm and matured. THANKS to MY GENK who taught me this.

touch the purple rain,is about when u accidently go through this page n read,u're act touch me.. the real me.. get to know me and seriously touch my heart 4 being my fren. (kan im a touching girl,, but no touch2 k...)

Even if u see this blog,u can simply see my character.. a such COMPLICATED person but owez try to make it SIMPLER now.. guide me my fren..

4 me, this blog is to remind me someday 4 what i used to be today and how do i think today as i often forget bout everything. huhuhu..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Getting start!

Trying something new in 2010 will be a good start..
Experience new thing in new year for a new way of life..
new way to way to way to love others..
what is it all about,,,, huh?
its about me going to be a teacher in my future..
gudluck erin!
gudluck my friend..