Saturday, December 31, 2011

Its the end of 2011

Terasa mcm dah bertahun x jenguk blog tersayang ni..

hari ni,mungkin sbb aku rasa sgt suka dgn ayat aku kat fb ni,so aku nk abadikan ayat “ringkas tp padat” ku dlm blog kesayangan nih jugak..

Di dalam wallpost FB ku dlm kira2 pukul 3.30 pm ,

31 december 2011 ini daku berkata..............

“There's too many things have happened in 2011.. The most significant 1 is my Chicken POX of coz~! =D

{must be mentioned,hihih}..

...seriously this year have make me so tired,but it really 'grow' me inside out..It teach me to fight for survival in every aspect & bring my inner self out..Too many tears but also laughter i've been through.. all the sadness eventually becomes hope.. Thanks to 2011, and i welcome u with all my heart 2012.. be good 2 me.. & grow me more(except my size plz =.=")