Friday, March 4, 2011

GOSH!!! What a SeMEsTeR!!!

It was as usual a very tiring day 4 me! huhu.. but i never knew it wud turn out to be THIS way!! malam disangka kan pagi,sabun disangkakan syampu,losyen disangkakan cream Olay... i can't take it anymore.... huhuhuhuhuhu.

well... selalu juga la terjadi hal sedemikian kn..but at least still boleh bertenang and think back! mungkin when its come to quiz..i pun 'cuak la derrr' .. huhuhu.. siap kol kawan,kawan i pun panik. haha sory ar kak ty, bukan i sengaja nak 'melawak ' tue~ huhuhu...

rasa2 sem ni mcm boleh reka idioms jer... apa ya??ermm...

"This semester is as BUzY as dun even have time to wear EYELINERS!"

make sure to tell ur kids to use them in secondary school! haha well.. its rather sound like that but this semester is totally horrible and terrible 4 me.. 4 lab(each take 3 hours) and when i get into my room ,the first think that come up in mm mind is LAB REPORT!! arghhh! dun even have time to study..Frankly says, lab report is not really studying...especially when it comes to PHYSICS!

But ,when i think back, im GRATEFUL coz i was given a chance to feel this whole 'campus life ' thing.. its COOL to be a CamPus Gurl.. ^^ no doubt!

and thinking of having 6 subject and 4 lab report, i shud say.....

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